James donated blood for the first and only time on December 23, 2010.  He, Tammy and I went as a family to donate at our church sponsored blood drive. We attended Christmas Eve services along with John and Lindsey with Tammy’s parents at Northside Baptist Church. James left from there to join his good friend, Emmaline Wilder, and her family at Waffle House for dinner and then followed them to their house to watch a movie. While there, James shared about donating blood, and told Emmaline’s mom, Sara, that “someone was going to get some awesome blood.”

He went missing 23 days after donating blood on January 15, 2011 while duck hunting. The Red Cross approached us about co-sponsoring a blood drive with our church on December 22, 2011. We encourage people to give some awesome blood, and that first year, the blood drive collected 236 pints of blood, the second largest total ever collected on that date in the state of Georgia. The blood drive has become an annual event each December, and has collected over 700 pints of blood to give to those who need it.