The Seventh Annual James Eunice Legacy Blood Drive will be held December 13, 2017 at CrossPointe Church from noon to 6 PM.  You can register online at and use the keyword Eunice.  Walk-ins are welcome.  This year's supported charities are Hungry at Home and Options Now.  Each donor can vote for one of these two charities.  The James Eunice Charity Fund will donate $1000 to the charity collecting the most donations on that day.  

The James Eunice Legacy Blood Drive began in December 2011.  James donated blood for the first and only time on December 23, 2010, 23 days before he went missing while duck hunting.  After donating blood though, he shared these words with his good friend, Emmaline Wilder, "Someone's going to get some awesome blood.  CrossPointe Chuch and Red Cross asked about re-naming the annual blood drive at CrossPoint as the James Eunice Legacy Blood Drive.  The first drive was held on December 21, 2011, and 236 pints of blood were collected.  At the time, that was the second largest total ever collected on that day across the state of Georgia.  All told, donors have donated almost 800 pints of blood over the last six years.  Come support this year's effort and give the gift of life during this Christmas season.