The Sixth Annual TCT7 Mile Swim event was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, but we were blessed to hold the TCT7 Swim Dinner the night of September 9th.  Jade Bulecza, WTXL news personality, was to be the guest speaker but was called upon to cover the storm's impact on the Florida panhandle.  She provided a video clip detailing her impressions from the 17 day search for James in January 2011.  In addition to Jade having to cancel, much of our safety team was needed elsewhere over the weekend to meet the tremendous support required by the additional traffic and evacuees in the area. Safety is paramount to this event and we are so grateful for their continued support, but they indeed had a higher calling over the weekend. Winds exceeded 20 mph, creating a choppy condition for the swimmers. Thanks to all who signed up, and we hope you will mark your calendar for the second weekend in September 2018. Swimmers can sign up to compete in the one mile event, the 3.5 mile event, or the 7 mile event.  The one mile is an out and back event along the shore of Long Pond, while the 3.5 mile event is one lap around Long Pond and the 7 mile event is two laps around Long Pond.  

The TCT7 Swim is a non-profit event.  All proceeds benefit the James Eunice Charity Fund, which has donated over $300,000 to the community through local charities and 185 scholarships to graduating seniors from area high schools.  The event and charity honor the life and legacy of 17 year old James Eunice, a young man wise beyond his years who went missing while duck hunting on January 15, 2011.  He was recovered the morning of January 31, 2011, following a 17 day, 24/7 search by teams from Georgia, Florida and Alabama.  James' story and how he lived impacted the community in ways that continue even to this day. The event is designed for participants to be challenged in both the water as an athlete and in life as a friend, family member, and neighbor. 

All events will be held at the Lowndes County 4H Camp, 5000 4H Club Road, Lake Park, Ga 31636 on beautiful Long Pond. Click for map and directions. We thank you for continuing the legacy of James Eunice, a young man who is still making a difference in this world.
Anyone over age of 18 may sign themselves up. Anyone younger must have permission from parent or guardian.