2018 James Eunice Legacy Scholarships

Valdosta High School Recipients

2018 James Eunice legacy scholarships

The James Eunice Charity Fund presented 103 scholarships to graduating seniors from 26 schools across south Georgia and north Florida.  We presented scholarships to students at Valdosta High School, Valdosta Early Childhood Academy, Lowndes County High School, Cook County High School, Charlton County High School, Clinch County High School, Brooks County High School, Valwood School, Westwood School, Colquitt County High School, Mitchell County High School, Thomasville High School, Thomas County Central High School, Bainbridge High School, Grace Christian School, Seminole County High School, Pelham High School, Baconton Charter School, Sherwood Academy, Hamilton County High School, Highlands Christian Academy, Georgia Christian School, Open Bible School and Corinth Christian Academy.  Thanks to amazing community support, we are blessed to be able to continue to present scholarships and continue to  share James' legacy. When asked by his classmates what he wanted to do after graduating from school, James would always reply, “all I want to do is make a difference in people’s lives.”  The scholarship is presented to young people who make a difference in their world.